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Sustainable Housing

Sustainable Housing

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Ecological and sustainable housing is having a good positioning in the sales market and the real estate sector.

A sustainable housing is one that takes advantage of all available resources in the environment to reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental impact so that it can preserve the environment in which it is built. 

The main advantages are focused on the material in which they are made and for its recyclable system as it allows to have a great profitability in terms of light, heating, water, etc..  It generates its own energy, solar panels are used to have electricity.

However, having a sustainable home is more expensive than having a traditional home, so the economic compensation is much better. 

What is needed when building a sustainable home?

The main requirements needed to build sustainable houses is to take into account:

  • The price factor is very important because if we want our home to be attractive. It must be known that whoever builds the house will have a higher cost knowing that it will recover the initial investment. 
  • The second factor is that the housing will require environmentally friendly and recyclable resources. 
  • Sustainable housing should be located in green areas, as it is important that the areas are wooded and that vegetation is integrated into the design.
  • Building materials: It is important that the choice of materials is important as it allows to achieve maximum levels of thermal insulation. We consider from home production to recycling.
  • Sustainable housing takes advantage of maximum natural light. Natural resources such as wind, vegetation, cross ventilation and natural shading are used to meet the energy needs of the house. 
  • Open spaces, it is recommended that the constructions are in open spaces that allow the passage of air to achieve natural ventilation.

It must be taken into account that energy efficiency and its savings in supply and construction costs must be calculated within its total time frame. From the time the first building materials are procured until they are recycled again. 

It is important to emphasize that the consumption habits adopted by the user of the house are important, since they will be necessary to achieve a transformation that will help the environment, reduce energy and water consumption, etc. 


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