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What is the real estate model of the future?

What is the real estate model of the future?

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As we all know, the real estate sector is undergoing an important change in terms of techniques and resources of traditional real estate companies and the entry of new players with investment structures different from those typical of the sector, which are more inclined to international investment and will play a very important role in the future. 

We want to investigate about the different innovations that we will have in the real estate future due to the great digital revolution that will bring us a new way of working. 

We comment on the main changes in the future of the real estate sector:

1. From traditional management to commercial operator management.

Increasingly, there are companies that are completely changing traditional management through different strategies to compete. 

Because of these changes, they can affect locations, dimensions and a whole configuration of consumer habits, purchases related to the real estate sector. 

This involves the conversion of private users into parcel deliveries via public or individual transport.

The collection of goods, or the use of means of transport such as electric industrial vehicles. All this would imply an important change in the methods of distribution and configuration of the spaces themselves, which would have to be adapted to these measures.

2. The distribution of housing and other real estate spaces: demographic and geographic changes. 

Different developments have incorporated in the real estate sector the importance of health and wellness by providing different solutions to ensure that these properties and spaces for those who reside can both live and work. In addition to being more aware, the sharing of more efficient housing and being able to transform the experience of those who live there. 

3. Research Online Buy Offline

Tll of us who have booked an apartment, villa or house through the internet have been ”victims” of the THEFT which is a digital strategy that we encounter every day as it conditions us in traditional business plans. That means that in the future, we will be able to visualize many processes of buying and selling or renting real estate that are digitized. 

4. Real estate valuation – Automated mechanisms

Real estate transactions to see the actual valuation of a property will all become one-click. How will this affect us? It will allow the industry to adapt to more regular valuations and indices that offer easier and more flexible access to real estate markets. 

In addition, in order to carry out these valuations, they will opt for more efficient resources: recording a virtual report using drones and other similar mechanisms with the aim of improving valuation and inspection procedures. 

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