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The change in holiday rental

Vacation rentals on the Costa Brava

The needs and interest in vacation rentals is booming, despite the paralysis in the tourism sector. According to an analysis byLucas FoxThe demand to buy a vacation apartment continues to remain relatively unmoved, i.e. the lowest level of demand did not even reach 20%, since if we compare it on an annual basis, the demand between April and May increased by 14%. Importantly, we anticipate that the Costa Brava will benefit from changes in buyer behavior, due to the lifestyle and living habits of the area. In addition to commenting that the holiday rentals cover the updated needs of our customers, which are based on the tranquility and space in which the primary condition is that they are located in a quiet area first line of the sea.

Positive forecasts for the tourist apartment sector on the Costa Brava

As we have pointed out, forecasts in the oil and gas industry are currently vacation rentals and the sale of tourist apartments is rising due to recent changes. For example, teleworking has also changed location preferences, as many foreigners living in big cities decide to buy tourist apartments located on the Costa Brava to improve their quality of life. In this context, experts predicted that as a result of the Covid crisis there would be a decrease in the average price of housing, however, the opposite has occurred in the short and medium term as everything points to the fact that prices will continue to rise gradually in the residences of the Costa Brava.

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